Functions & Weddings

Nannies & Babysitters for all occasions

We ensure that you are relaxed, while your little ones are having fun. Now parents can enjoy social events with their kids having the time of their life, in a safe and secure environment.

  Staff parties
  Year-end functions
  Corporate events
  Private parties
  And more

You provide the space – we transform it into a playroom and keep your children entertained for hours.

  Reading and stories
  Art and crafts
  Playing games
  Doing puzzles
  Educational and fun activities

Special baby corner

Babies will have their own fun in their special baby corner, where they get special attention. The baby-friendly corner is filled with clean baby toys to keep them calm and happy for hours. We offer parents peace of mind knowing their children are taken care of by loving, reliable and educated babysitters.

During the Wedding & Reception

At Holiday Nannies we ensure that your wedding day is as special and stress-free as possible. Parents can relax and enjoy the function knowing their little ones are being entertained, safe and having fun. Nannies can be booked for the duration of the wedding ceremony, as well as the wedding reception. We provide a service tailored to your specific needs and wants.

How many Nannies?

The number of nannies will depend on the ages and number of children to be cared for. Nannies will arrive with Toy Bags filled with age-appropriate toys and activities. For group bookings, we suggest that a room gets allocated for us to set up and use as a Playroom. For a group larger than 15, we suggest splitting them into two age groups, the younger and the older kids together.