Our Nannies

A Team of Super Nannies

Our highly skilled and talented Inspirational Nannies find creative solutions to daily problems and collaborate with you as parents. We take pride in our work. All our nannies are:

  Reliable, Respectful, Resourceful
  Patient & Punctual
  Creative & Consistent
  First Aid-trained
  Open to feedback

Different age groups

  • 20-30 – Our youngest group are mostly teaching students and professional nannies helping our part-time at Holiday Nannies.
  • 30-50 – These are mostly Mothers helping part-time at Holiday Nannies. And who has more experience than a hands-on Mom?
  • 50-65 – Our very special Granny Nannies, because who can be more loving, caring and perfect than a Granny? Perfect for children under 2 years old.

Invitation only

We don’t publish application forms for nannies for a very simple reason – all our nannies are exclusively introduced to us either via word of mouth or referrals from existing nannies and happy customers. We will approach and invite individuals who we think will excel in our team of Super Nannies.

Stellar profiles

As part of the booking procedure, you will receive a comprehensive profile document on your particular nanny or nannies, including personal details, hobbies, description, experience, pictures and references. A sample can be found at the bottom of the About page.